Human Resources and Management Development Consultant, Trainer and Organization Development (OD) Specialist

Nadeem Yousaf specializes in: Conflict Management, Cross Cultural Management, Leadership Development, Employee-Manager Relations.

Learn to be a Transformational Leader

It is not financial resources, but human capital that steers organizations to success. Human resources of organizations play a significant role in a growth of organizations. Organization’s growth and development is dependent upon the affective commitment of your employees. Affective commitment largely depends upon the manager-employee relationship. Analysis of manager-employee relationships is not a ritual, but it demands a storng commitment from the management and employees, Nadeem Yousaf says.

NadTalk on Leadership Nadeem Yousaf analyzes manager-employee relationships and provides guidance to management, managers and employees through holding one-to-one meetings, workshops, and debates.

In one-to-one meetings, he adopts psychoanalytic and conflict management techniques, which helps managers to ponder and eventually lead to finding an appropriate solution that brings win-win situation for all parties. Interactive workshops help participants to develop emotional intelligence and qualities of transformational leadership, which are fundamental to finding a win-win solution for all the conflicting parties. In the organized debates, he adopts a unique technique of role-play, which further helps to understand the issue in depth.

Mr. Nadeem Yousaf is management and human resource development professional and specializes in conflict management, leadership development and cross-cultural training. Being a Management Development and Human Resource professional, he employs a pragmatic approach so that organizations can inculcate values in the system that meet their mission and vision. Mr. Yousaf believes in bringing change in organizational culture through changing cognition of employees and managers.

Mr. Yousaf has worked in senior management positions and acted as management consultant for several years. Moreover, he taught and supervised graduate and post-graduate Business students. Currently, Mr. Nadeem Yousaf was Associate Professor at the Niels Brock.  He provides consultancy and training services to large and medium size organizations and firms, and run his own consultancy firm Insight Speaks.

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Nadeem Yousaf: Organizational Development, Management and Human Resources Professional, Writer, Trainer and Educator