bilawal bhuttoOne must feel sorry when the educated media praises Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for delivering a speech on the death anniversary of his mother, Benazir Bhutto. Media is praising him that he learnt fluent Urdu in a few years instead of criticizing as to why he did not learn the national language in his childhood. Bilawal learnt the language to rule the masses and not out of love for the language or the homeland (the family does not consider Pakistan as homeland but a source of minting wealth). This also shows the family’s hypocrisy that they did not teach their children the language of the country that they wish to govern.

He might have managed to deliver an emotional speech but contents are by no means impressive. Delivering a rehearsed speech is like a drama and not reality. Moreover, his speech was without any vision. Indeed, expecting a vision from a 24 years old lad is foolishness in itself; however, it is important to analyze contents of his speech since it was reported in all newspapers with headlines.

The stupid lad, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, foolishly demanded justice from the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Chaudhry Ifitkhar instead of asking his father’s (Asif Zardari) government as to why investigations have not been completed. How a court can give justice to him when there is no case filed in the court. The interior minister Rehman Malik kept promising that he would reveal the names of the killers but he had not done so far. Does he want that Supreme Court judges do the investigations? Can he give any example in the world where court investigated and played the role of prosecution? Despite of foolish demand, media gave prominent place to his demand without making any criticism to Zardari’s government.

zulfiqar ali bhutooThen he claims that his Peoples Party is a party of the masses and it looks after the interests of the poor are also not valid. Has the quality of life of the poor improved in any government of Peoples Party? Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto spent whole his tenure in strengthening his own power. He added a clause in the constitution that ensured his authority on the affairs of the country than parliament, He tried to establish PSF on the lines of Gastapo to control his enemies. Has Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto respected the principle of democracy when overthrew the N.W.F.P (Now Khayber Puktoonkhawa) government and arrested prominent leaders like Wali Khan? He sent army to tame the leaders of Baluchistan province. Similarly, his mother, Benazir Bhutto, was not either a great leader. She came to power twice but she had hardly done anything other than strengthening her power and multiplying family’s wealth. Those who say that Pakistan would have been different if she was not murdered are completely living in a fool’s paradise. As far as his father’s government is concerned, Pakistan is burning like hell and nothing has been done upon which a nation could be proud of. The reality is that the ‘family’ considers itself a ‘Pakistan’, ‘leader’, ‘masses’ and ‘poor’ therefore growth in their own personal wealth they view as the growth of the nation.

The fact is that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his decedents have taken degrees from the prestigious educational institutions but they used this education to serve their vested interests. Their politics is not people-oriented but power-oriented and they wish to remain in power by hook or crook. It will be a blessing if the lads like Bilawal Bhutto never come back to Pakistan or the people of Pakistan learn to throw them out from the system. They are rotten ‘Brown shaibs’ which will never work for the nation.


Check out his speech in any newspaper published on 28 December 2012.