Mountbatten wrote home on May 1 1947 that his wife had invited Miss Fatima Jinnah on tea and told her that she (Mrs. Mountbatten) had spent a morning at the Lady Irwin College and was delighted to find how happily that institution was working and on what excellent terms the Hindu and Muslims girls were. In reply to the observation, Fatima Jinnah replied, ‘don’t be misled by the apparent contentment of the Muslim girls there, we haven’t been able to start our propaganda in that college yet.”

fatima jinnahFatima Jinnah comments were completely imprudent. The above comments are negation to the two-nation theory and show that there were no real problems between Hindus and Muslims rather it was propaganda that generated differences between the two communities. If this is the case, then politically, socially and ethically it was criminal act because this propaganda led to mascara of thousands of human beings. Not only, is it leaders of All India Muslim League to blame for this propaganda but also the All India Congress.

Unfortunately, the propaganda has not buried with the partition in 1947. Political leaders, nationalists and media of both sides are still busy with developing differences between people to legitimize their positions in the system. It is this propaganda that leading the communities or nations to far away from each other and becoming reason of tension in the region. Nadeem Yousaf Reference Mountbatten’s personal report, no.5, May 1, 947 pp 537-38; record of Mountbatten-Liauat Ali interview April 10, 1947 Mansergh transfer of power, vol. X pp 331-32 in Jinnah of Pakistan, Stanley Wolpert (1984); Oxford University Press.

Nadeem Yousaf

16 August 2012

Propaganda: Fatima’s Imprudent Comments

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