zardari, imran, altaf hussain and dual nationalityDual nationality is becoming bone of contention in Pakistan’s since the Supreme Court has given the verdict that the holders of dual nationality cannot become member of Assembly, which is also written in the constitution.  However, a segment of people see this verdict as threat to their privilege, which they have been enjoying illegally. All those favoring dual nationality has personal stakes, whether it is Asif Zardari, Imran Khan or Altaf Hussain.

Among the proponents of dual nationality, Altaf Hussain is at the top who is a British National as well.  According to him, dual nationality holders should not only be allowed to contest the elections but also be permitted to work in public administration. He asserts in his recent statement that dual nationality restriction is analogous to a secret mission of weakening Pakistan (Jang  2012). According to him, the implementation of the law influenced negatively sentiments of Pakistani living overseas. He argues that millions of Pakistanis send remittances to Pakistan therefore they should be allowed to have share in Pakistan’s politics and public administration.  He does not see dual nationality as a conflict of interest.

Altaf Hussain is a person who proudly accepted dual nationality and now favoring dual nationality because he is anticipating that if the law is strictly implemented his role would be eliminated or at least reduced in national politics of Pakistan.  If the law is stringently applied, it is very likely that he will be stopped to addressing political rallies in Pakistan by using the telephonic technology.  It is a futile argument that Pakistanis sending remittances to Pakistan, the fact is that overseas Pakistanis are not sending money to Pakistan but to their families who are living in Pakistan. Will Altaf Hussain like to tell the nation, how much money he has transferred to Pakistan since he has moved to Britain? Will he explain his means of earning in Britain or is it Pakistan’s political party Mauhtida Quami Movement (MQM) bearing his expenses? Moreover, most of overseas Pakistanis invested money in real estate, which has never be considered as real and productive investment. There are many developed states, which hardly encourage dead investments such as buying a house or piece of land. In fact, the opportunity to invest money in Pakistan is a great source of hiding ‘black money’ that overseas Pakistanis do not disclose in the countries where they are residing.

dual_nationality conflict of interesDual nationality is completely fall in the domain of conflict of interests. Contrary to Altaf Hussain’s above assertion that it is a mission of weakening Pakistan; it is a mission to strengthening Pakistan and people’s interests and security. Pakistani is the probably one of a few countries whose top politicians, civil and military bureaucrats have changed their nationalities because they anticipate no bright future of the country and people like Altaf Hussain are in favor of keeping the provision so that they could enjoy benefits of the both countries.  They wish to rule Pakistan whether or not living in Pakistan.

 Nadeem Yousaf



Jang 2012: downloaded on 18.10.2012

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