Except Pakistan, nowhere else army runs profitable business such as banks, insurance companies, factories, schools, college, universities etc. Just name a business and you will find them: Askari Bank, Air College, Bharia College, Fauji Fertilizer, Defence residential areas are some of the businesses own by Pakistan’s Army. Pakistan’s army is army of businessmen. They are not to protect borders but to make money. Indeed, when army personnel wish to lead luxurious life it is foolish to expect that they protect borders of the state. They defeated in 1965, 1971 and 1999. This we learn from history of Pakistan.

According to Ayesha Siddiqa, worth of army businesses is more than 20 billion dollars. Major beneficiaries are commissioned and high ranking officials. The most corrupt organization, which prefers to serve their organizational interests then the interests of the country. Give them money and they handover borders to enemy. High ranking official like Generals, Air Marshals, Admirals never take permanent residence or nationality of any other country, but Pakistani officials do.