justice shaukat siddiqueAccording to various newspaper reports, the Islamabad High Court on Monday 02.07.2012 ordered for the arrest of  the Capital Development Authority’s Director General (planning) Ghulam Sarwar Sindhu for contemptuous behavior. Justice Shaukat Siddiqui said that he ‘glared at’ the court to influence the court. It is a completely weird and subjective decision. Does Justice Shaukat Siddiqui wish to treat people who appear in his court as his ‘subject’?   The argument behind his decision is completely bizarre and annoying.

If this practice continues that anybody can be arrested on the accusation of body language, it will further deteriorate the fiber of the society and the state. Justice Shaukat Siddiqui must understand that judges make decisions on objective evidence and not on body language; nor on the subjective feelings. His decision is analogous to ‘Pakistani street fights’ when one person accuses the other person that he ‘gazed at’ him and started to fight. Is this Justice influenced by his college life when it was very common to start fighting on the issue of gazing? Sindu can be punished if he committed a crime but not for ‘gazing at’ him. If this behavior continued, people will be scared to appear in the court. Furthermore, such decision will lessen respect for the court in the near future.  Another question is also important, does Pakistani Judiciary intend to introduce Judicial Martial Law in Pakistan? They should not dream of it because they will be disgraced more than the Pakisan’s army. Now Pakistani society is not in a mood to tolerate rules of bureaucrats whether they come from the army or the judiciary.

Nadeem Yousaf

02 July 2012