Charismatic leaders: Time will tell whether or not he is personalized or socialized charismatic leaderThere are two types of charismatic leaders: Personalized and Socialized. The personalized charismatic leaders have vested interest agenda, consequently, they wish to accumulate power to have an unquestionable authority. Personalized type of leaders follow the mob desires, which are already in the system  to meet their own personal ambitions. Comte de Miabeau said about such leaders, “There goes the mob, and I must follow them, for I am their leader.”

Similarly, there are two types of followers: Personalized and Socialized. The personalized followers have low self-esteem and low self-concept. They like leaders who appear to be powerful and attractive. They over-attributes the desirable qualities of the leader and uphold a romanticized view of the leader. The personalized followers show blind faith and trust on the leader and ready to hyper-compliance. They do not identify with the message, but with the leader. Therefore,  they distract easily from the mission and vision when the leader leaves the system, for example, due to death. In fact, it is the personalized followers who enhance the status of personalized type leaders.  In a society, where followers are having low self-esteem, it is difficult to have socialized leadership.

Most of the leaders and followers of the developing countries fall in the category of a personalized leader and a personalized follower, respectively. In developing countries, these personalized leaders fool the personalized followers in the name of a state security or a state development. In return, the personalized follower foolishly chant ‘Zindabad leader (long live leader) or the leader is ‘Zinda Hai (leader is still alive)’. They idiotically celebrate the birthdays of dead bodies.

Nadeem Yousaf

25 December, 2016

Personalized and Socialized Charismatic Leaders