stop corruption pakistan

In order to eliminate corruption, it is civil movement against corrupt politicians, army generals, media groups, bureaucrats, business community is required. The movement should have only two point agenda, ‘no more accumulation of wealth through corrupt means’ and ‘demand for welfare society.’

Army coup is not an answer for change. Army ruled for a long period and during this period army personnel got rich and army turned into a business institution, which is more willing to run businesses like banks, educational institutions etc., for their own benefits. It is a time for civil society to tell the FAT army generals that they are not welcome in political arena. The nation hired their services to protect borders and act upon the advice of civil government and not to rule.

The similar message should be given to corrupt bureaucrats, businessmen and politicians that ‘enough is enough.’ They should either leave the country for good or understand that Pakistan is for all Pakistanis. All their illegitimate wealth, earned through ‘white collor crimes’, should be confiscated.

They all are servant to the nation , not masters.