Muhtida Quami Movement (MQM) announcement of participation in long March and sit-in in Islamabad, which is called by the Canadian Clown Mullah Tahir-ul-Qadri on the behest of the hidden hands, is corrodible tears against corruption. World will witness first time that a party will be holding a long march and sit-in against its own governance. The unwise leadership of MQM has not realized that participation in the long march is, in fact, acceptance of corruption charges, which has been levied by the other opposition parties on the current government. They have made such a stupid announcement because they are well aware of the fact that they will hardly be criticized by Pakistani media.

MQM farooq_Sattar

MQM has been part of the Federal and Provincial governments at least for the last 10 years. They joined the dictator Gen. Musharraf’s government to eradicate corruption from Pakistan and they joined Zardari’s government for the same purpose. Now they anticipate that Zardari’s politics is numbered so they have announced to join the Canadian Clown Mullah Tahir ul Qadri. While announcing participation in the long March on 14 January 2013, Farooq Sattar claims that the British National Altaf Hussain has always been against the obsolete and exploitative system of Pakistan. He further stated that MQM believes in democracy and wished that all parties should be consulted for the provisional set-up for holding elections 2013. MQM must answer how they served the people of Karachi and Hyderabad since they entered into the politics, except introducing politics of weapons. MQM main mission is not to eradicate feudal and capitalist exploitative system but remain in power. Similarly, it is not their wish whether or not consultations are made for provisional set-up before elections; they simply want that their power base should not be touched.

MQM drive behind participation in the long march and sit-in is not to bring a meaningful change in Pakistan but to enhance political power for the vested interests and serve the British Master, Altaf Hussain. Moreover, Altaf Hussain and other leadership of MQM motive is to pressurize election commission for not delimiting the constituencies in Karachi and the Supreme Court in order to have a favorable decision for their petition which they have filed against the verdict of delimiting constituencies in Karachi. The MQM claims that they are against of the status quo but still accepts leadership of Altaf Hussain who is a British National.

Nadeem Yousaf

Uploaded on 31 December 2012

Note: See any newspaper dated 31.12.2012 to read annoncement of MQM to participate in Tahir-ul-Qadri protest

Crocodile Tears of Corrupts: MQM