Religious Mockery in paksitan elections 2013Pakistan is an Islamic country but it is not a country where Islam is practiced. Unwittingly, Pakistanis do not let any opportunity to disgrace Islam and become a laughing stock in the world. Consciously or unconsciously all Pakistanis think that they are better Muslims than others because they espoused the Islamic ideology. Recently, Returning Officers (RO) of the Pakistan Election Commission, who is supposed to receive nomination papers from the candidates for the elections 2013, are quite busy in creating comic situations by asking silly and stupid questions to the candidates of election 2013. They not only are asking silly questions related to religion but also asking socially unethical questions. These ROs think that by asking silly questions they are implementing the constitutional clause 62 and 63. All the appointed RO are attached to Pakistan’s judiciary but acting as ignorant and illiterate. It appears that they have no sense of interpreting the 62 and 63 clauses of the Pakistan’s constitution therefore acting like fools.

They assume that they are testing candidates’ association with the religion and honesty by asking candidates to recite versus from the Quraan or similar religious questions. The ignorant judicial officers do not appreciate the fact that reciting the Qurannic versus by no means a test to check individuals’ honesty and trustworthiness. It is nothing more than a religious mockery.  The Election Commission and Superior Judiciary are saliently watching the ROs behaviors and have allowed them to continue to play this drama on the national stage. It is ridiculous that the High Court only stopped TV channels to record such questions in ROs offices instead of stopping ROs to ask absurd questions. Some newspaper reports show that these questions were prepared by the Election Commission and if this is true then the whole top administration should be ashamed and resign.

The Election Commissoin and ROs are testing others’ knowledge of Islam but unaware that Islam does not allow them to ask personal questions such as how many wives does a candidate has? What will a candidate do if his wife entered into politics? Islam does not allow them to harass or embarrass females by making foolish comments that easily can fall under the concept of sexual harassment. For example, one of the ROs said to a female candidate that she looked much younger to her age and asked her to turn her face towards those who were present in his office. It was none of the RO business whether someone looks younger or beautiful.

Religion is an individual matter and the state or its officials have no right to check one’s faith. It is an individual matter whether or not one practices religion.  Offering prayer and reciting the Quran does not automatically change individuals’ ethics and social behavior. Following the rituals does not turn an individual an honest and trustworthy person. General Zia-UL-Haq is a good example who offered five times prayers a day, recited the Quraan and performed Hajj but one of the impostors in the history of Pakistan. Pakistan had not seen so much corruption until so called religious minded dictator Gen. Zia-UL-Haq further opened the doors to accumulate wealth by unfair means. He mocked the religion to keep his illegitimate authority. If prayers and reciting the Quran would be sufficient to have a corruption free society, Pakistan would not be ranked among the top corrupt countries.

Nadeem Yousaf

Uploaded 5 April 2013

Religious Mockery