pakistani president enjoy

 It is irritating that common and poor people of Pakistan are severely hurt by electricity problem but public buildings were illuminated on 14th August.  

When nations are in crisis, first sacrifice comes from the government and public departments and public figures but this never happens in Pakistan. Our top public office holders are immune from facing any problem. Yes, they need all luxuries of life to search for new ways of corruptions but ordinary people do not need electricity to prepare for examinations.

Pakistanis are suffering because they need rich and famous people to lead them. Pakistan will progress in days if Pakistanis pledge that they will not follow corrupt practices and not let people like Zardari, Nawaz and army Generals to plunder the country any more. God will not come to Pakistan to save Pakisanis unless they show determination to fight against corruption.


Nadeem Yousaf

14 August 2011