Nadeem Yousaf was born in Rawalpindi, near Islamabad, Capital of Pakistan. At one stage, Islamabad was part of Rawalpindi but area separated from it when it was selected to shift capital from Karachi because it suited better, strategically. He reared up in a big house of 3283 square meters (6.5 Kanals) with a lush green big garden on the front and back side of the house. It was one of the most posh residential areas of Rawalpindi; however since 1988 it has commercialized; most of the residential houses turned into big shopping malls and plazas. He studied in a private English medium school. After completing Bachelor of Arts from the oldest University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, he travelled to Norway and joined the Bergen University and earend cand.mag and cand.polit.degrees.

Nadeem Yousaf's motherHis mother, Masooda Yousaf, was a daughter of Allama Mashiriqi, who wasFahter and Grandfather of Nadeem Yousaf politician and reformer of Pakistan. She liked to take new initiatives and very keen on running her own business. She was kind and liked very much to do shopping. His father, Muhammad Yousaf Khan, was in the Pakistan army. Mr. Khan was a brillient officer. He was about to be promoted to the rank of colonel when he died from heart attack.  Raja Alim-ud-Din (sitting on the chair) is his paternal grandfather. He was a business man. He is the youngest among my 6 brothers and one sister. Two of his brothers, Shamim Yousaf and Naeem Yousaf, and a sister, Suriya Akbar, died. Two of his brothers, Salim Yousaf and Wasim Yousaf are living in Norway; The other two, Nasim Yousaf is in the USA and Zaeem Yousaf is in Pakistan.

He married to Shazia. She is a daughter of Inyat Ullah Khan ezzah nadeemAkram, who was son of Allama Mashriqi. He has a beautiful daughter, Ezzah who is born on 6th December 2005 in Muscat, Oman. She is a cute and intelligent girl. She has learnt the Danish language quite quickly. Her observation ability is very powerful. It is amazing that she has picked up the Danish language very quickly. It is really nice to listen her sweet stories.

Akhtar Hameed, his maternal uncle, was internationally recognized social worker who won number Nadeem Yousaf maternal uncleof national and international awards for his social work in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Orangi Town was one of his famous projects.

Another uncle was Raja Afsar Khan who looked after his family interests after the death of his father. He lived with Yousaf’s family until he built his own house in Islamabad. He worked for the Capital Development Authority. He was very honest and sincere person; therefore, he was not very much liked by his superiors.

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