Education Background

Education: Cand Polit (By research) Nadeem Yousaf

Master by Research (Cand.Polit):

Mr. Nadeem Yousaf completed his Cand.Polit education from the Institute of Administration and Organization, University of Bergen, Norway. The degree consists of course work and research. He wrote his thesis in the field of Work Psychology and Organizational Behavior. Studying at the Institute of Administration and Organization means that one will learn theories and study empirical work from the public administration and management.



Bachelor of Social Sciences (Cand.Mag):

Education: Cand.Mag, Uiversity of Bergen, NorwyEarlier, he completed Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Bergen Norway. In this 4 years program, he studied units including Administration and Organization (Management), Psychology, Work Psychology, Philosophy and Norwegian language.

Norwegian universities do not follow Anglo-Saxon education system where subjects are divided into small units or modules. Students have to study a subject minimum for 6 months or a year, in which they learn different topic. For example, taking one year course in psychology, a student studies various units such as developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, history of psychology and so on.

Norwegian Education System Common Terms

Grunnfag is a basic one year education within a discipline.  Delfag refers to a six month course. Intermediate level course is ‘Mellomfag‘ and duration is 6 months. In some subjects, one can do ‘Storfag‘ after finishing ‘Mallomfag’. Duration of ‘Storfag’ is again 6 months. Hovedfag takes 2 to 2.5 years which is equivalent to a Master (by research). Mostly, Norwegian degrees are a composition of research and course work.


Students’ knowledge is tested by written and oral exams. Written exam’s duration can be from 3 hours to 8 hours. Oral examination, generally takes not more than 10-20 minutes. A commission of three faculty members marks exams and assignments and sits in oral examinations

Grading Scale

The lower score you have, the better you are. If a student gets a 4.0 means he/she has failed in the subject. The marks between 2.2-2.5  are considered a best score, especially in social sciences. Most of the students score between 2.6-3.2. Only a few students could obtain grade less than 2.0 and they usually study in the field of natural sciences. Most of the institutes at the university had 2.5 or 2.6 as a benchmark to study at the post graduate level.


Visitors must keep it in mind that the above mentioned information based Mr. Yousaf’s experience as a student; how things are currently functioning, they must go to the official website of the Bergen University or contact the authorities of the university directly.