I have worked both in education and corporate sectors in different countries including Australia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Oman and Pakistan. While working on various positions, I have visited number of countries such as Portugal, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Singapore, China, Germany, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

I held senior positions in the corporate sector and also provided consultancy to the firms in the field of Human Resource Development and Organizational Development. My area of interest in corporate sector is organizational development, management and human resource development, organizational and cultural change and Business Development. At the academic institutions, I have taught management related subjects including Personnel Management, Business Communication, Work Psychology, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Business Management, Principle of Management and Cross-Cultural Management at various institutions.

Experience from Corporate Sector

Working as General Manager at Corporate Management Solutions provided me with great opportunities to experience job enlargement as well as job enrichment. It was a top management position reporting to the Managing Director and Chairman. I was responsible to oversee operations successfully. The major tasks of the position included general management, strategic planning, designing and evaluating policies, business development and managing Human Resource. Of course, I always enjoyed providing consultancy and conducted training programs in the area of OD and HRM with other consultants and trainers for the clients of the firm. Upon my initiative, the firm took projects to providing consultancy to businessmen for establishing business in Saudi Arabia and registering domain name and web hosting.

Bizcue Business Consultants has been among the pioneers in providing Calling Center Facilities in Pakistan to overseas clients. They have clients from USA and UK. Being HR Manager, I was responsible to hire people for the call center according to the requirement of the clients. Calling Center industry is famous for high employee turnover; one of the reasons is that CSRs and TSRs have to work in odd hours; therefore, it was very important to forecast to avoid any major problem. After hiring, the challenging task was to train newly hired people and retain them. Not only it was important to give knowledge about the product to newly hired representative but also trained them in telephonic manners, the culture of the country, selling techniques and language skills. I am not an IT person but I have developed interest in it while working in Bizcue.

Working in International Business Bureau was my first experience to work in manufacturing industry. IBB was manufacturers and exporters of household textile items. One of the important tasks was to handle conflicts between labors and supervisors, who came from very different cultural backgrounds. To maintain quality and avoid high employee turnover, it was important to keep high motivation level of workers. I generally receive 10-15 complaints per week. While working with workers, I found that it is important to listening to them sympathetically and share their personal problems.

Working in Scandinavia International System, Norway was a highly rich experience because the nature of the job was not to sit in the office and evaluating product samples or attending internal meetings but required a lot of other activities from planning to implementation. The job demanded a high level of negotiating skills in order to finalize terms and conditions of the contract with international suppliers. It was a part of the job description to find new potential suppliers and maintaining good relationship with existing suppliers. When I was working with the company, there was no internet, so telex and fax were the only means of modern communication. It was not like today that one can connect the internet and finds 1000s of potential companies; at that time, one had to use various strategies to find new connections. Being a buyer for ladies fashion garment, I had to be well acquainted with the latest fashion and trends. I enjoyed working as there were a lot of opportunities to travel to other countries, meeting with new people from different cultures and attending top class exhibitions. It was part of company policy to provide 5 star hotel while living out of station, which made trips comfortable. I got frequent opportunities to travel to Portugal, Italy, Greece and Italy.

Experience From Educational Institutions

If I am not working in the corporate sector, I have a passion to work in educational institutions. I complete agree with those who argue that style of working of educational institutions is no more different than the corporate sector. Now in most countries they are run as profit oriented organizations. Anyway working in this field provides one with very different environment and a lot of opportunities to interact with young blood, which is a great source of getting new and fresh thoughts.

Currently, I am working at Niels Brock affiliated with De Montfort University, UK. I am teaching Human Resource Management, Operations Management and International Human Resource Management to the Pre-Master and  Master Students. I have successfully supervised number of Master students. Apart from teaching, I held various positions at NB including Manager of ISTEC (France) and Academic Adviser.  I also delivered lectures at the Rizhao Polytechnic, China affiliated with Niels Brock.

Northern Territory University was located in Darwin, Australia. I was hired their as Tutor of Psychology. The primary tasks of the tutor were giving quick revision of the lecture and marking assignments. The assignments were supposed to be marked against the set criteria, which included contents, coherence, literature review, style of referencing etc. Although, it was social science subject but students had the opportunity to get 100% score. The best scare that I gave to a student was 39.5. Frankly speaking, the student who got this score was a pain in the class and I never liked her; however, I can proudly say that I did not compromise my professionalism while marking her assignment. I remember that couple of student though challenged my marking but did not succeed in obtaining better marks. It was really very nice to see a 70 year lady as a student of psychology.

I was always interested in to spend some time in the Gulf and I got this opportunity by getting the Job in Majan University College, which was affiliated with UK university. It is the largest University level college in Oman. In this institution, I taught Human Resource Management, Work Psychology, Business Administration and Organizational Behavior. I must say that Omani students were very humble and respectful towards teacher; however, what I did not like that they thought that the teaching staff could pass them even they did not give the right answers to the questions. I worked under two Head of Departments and found that Ahmed was pretty good in managing affairs of the department.

I joined American International College as Assistant Professor where I taught Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Business Communication and Human Resource Management to MBA students. Being a visiting faculty member, it was though not part of the job, I assisted the college in developing curriculum for the new degrees Master of Human Resource Management and Master of Marketing.

At the University of Vassa, Finland, I enjoyed giving guest lectures on topics of cross-cultural management, management development, and CPI. Upon the request of the Dean, I update the module of Work Psychology.

Research Interests:

Conflict Management, Change Management, Leadership. Performance Management, Organizational Development (OD), Organizational Culture. Currently, I am working on a research project discussing the effects of espoused theory and theories-in-use on the development of political culture and state growth.  Students are welcome to discuss their research projects falling within my academic research interests.

Freelance Writing

I like to write op-Ed articles. Being a freelance writer I have published a number of articles in a leading newspapers such as Jang, Dawn, Oman Times, Bergen Tidened, Nawa-i-Waqt, Express and many others. Some of the articles have been uploaded on the website.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

I was the founder of Peoples Welfare Foundation. The mission of the organization is to work for the welfare of Senior Citizens. I spend almost a year in drafting the constitution and charter of the organization before taking legal assistance to register it with the concerned departments. I also put a lot of efforts in attracting volunteers and funding. Most funding came from the individuals. I am grateful to those who helped me to assist poor senior people. However, the original idea was to develop long term means of support for poor senior citizens was not realized. But I have a great hope that one day I’ll be able to realize my dream.

Bergen University Rector

Meeting with Rector UOB

Foreign Students Union: I joined the organization as Executive Member and later elected as a President. Prime funding for the organization came from the Norwegian Students Union, Bergen University. Major objective of the organization was to protect rights of foreign students studying at higher institutions in the region of Bergen. At the later stage, the organization added to create cultural activities to increase interaction between foreign and Norwegian students to speed up the process of integration. After taking the up the office of President, I took a few of intiatives such as making an arrangement with monthly meetings with the Reactor of the university, yearly cultural show, weekly coffee hour with guest lectures, and English Magazine for students.

Starting the first English Magazine was greatly appreciated by the student community. The magazine was distributed among university level institions. By consensus, the executive committee approved the name ‘Students Magazine’. It was a challenging job since we do not have so much funds. The organization only received partial support from other university organizations and rest of the expenses coverd by taking advertisements from the commercial organizations. I was elected first Chief-Editor of the magazine. The task was challenging and I am glad that I managed to publish its first edition before I left Norway.

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