Lars Askholm (Denmark)

This is to confirm that Nadeem Yousaf has been employed as Senior Faculty Member (Business Faculty) since September 2011.

Nadeem has taken care of the instruction and organisational needs of MSc International Business and Management classes in collaboration between De Montfort University, UK, and Niels Brock. Subjects taught include Operations Management and Human Resource Management.

Organisational functions have included lecturing, tutoring and dissertation supervision of MSc students as well as consultative support to the programme leader on a wide range of issues including academic counseling, teacher development and training, quality assurance, etc.

Nadeem is a highly competent, dynamic and successful lecturer, instructor, counsellor and coordinator demonstrating a very high level of professional commitment. We do not hesitate to recommend him for any demanding and challenging position in the academic or business fields.

Nils Sortland (Norway)

I have been in contact with M. Nadeem Yousaf for the last four years as his teacher, seminar instructor and thesis supervisor. He is a very promising student in the field of Public Administration and Organizational Psychology. He has shown a high degree fo creativity in his efforts to combine/integrate theories and models from organizational theory and psychology in his thesis. He showed a combination of patience and persistence during his work. Mr. Yousaf has excellent academic ability and wish him best of luck.

Tobbias Abell (Denmark)

I worked with Nadeem at Niels Brock where he was responsible for the ISTEC-programme. Nadeem distinguished himself by creating a well running programme and consistently coordinating the content of the different subjects with the responsible teachers and assuring a common standard in the description and evaluation of the subjects. He has therefore been a very positive asset to the ISTEC-programme.

M.A.Khan (Pakistan)

It is certified that Mr. Yousaf has worked with us as General Manager (GM) with us.

Being a GM, Mr. Yousaf was responsible to look after all strategic and operational matters of the business to implement strategic decisions and policies. Key tasks of the position included: managing human capital, and approving effective human resource policies; providing close supervision for consultancy and training projects; maintaining effective relationship with clients, consultants, and trainers, writing reports and contributing articles for the firm’s quarterly Newsletter; and monitoring financial matters and business development.

Mr. Yousaf is trustworthy, and professionally sound person with good analytic and negotiating abilities. He has demonstrated excellent skills in acquiring and managing human capital and promoting business interests. He was very effective in giving the required direction and leadership to achieve the firm’s philosophy, mission, strategy, goals and objectives. He likes to take new initiatives and accepts challenges at work. He has always shown keen interests in new learning. Mr. Yousaf was an asset to the firm and we wish him the best of luck in his future activities.

Kristina Bauch (Austrian)

Mr. Nadeem Yousaf participated in the Foreign Students Union, University of Bergen, Norway. Foreign Students Union deals with highly diverse and complex problems of students from whole over the world. He showed high moral courage being a very active member of this organization. I experienced that he showed a great ability to initiate and implement projects which had a strong influence on student’s university life.

I also experienced his convincing way of handling and motivating people  who had very different abilities and participating levels within this organization. Mr. Yousaf persistently participated in the organization in all phases. I feel that he prepared good grounds for members to work further with this organization.

Thank you for joining the FSU and for your good company. I wish you, Nadeem, best of luck in your future activities.

Dr. Said Al Hallaq (Jordanian)

Mr. Nadeem Yousaf joined Majan college in 2004 and worked as a full time faculty member in the Business faculty. He taught various modules including Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Administration, and Work Psychology. Moreover, he has acted as supervisor for MBA students. he actively participated in redesigning and updating the modules. Mr. Yousaf accomplished all the assigned duties successfully with great initiative and with a very positive attitude.

I also have the opportunity to observe him in various committee meetings discussing academic and research issues where he has always contributed valuable and professionally sound suggestions. As a peer reviewer, I can say that he has excellent written and verbal communication skills and excellent analytical abilities, which help him to teach from simple to complex topics with ease.

At personal level, Mr. Yousaf is a well disciplined, industrious person with a pleasant personality. Mr. yousaf is an organized, reliable and extremely competent person and has excellent relations with his colleagues.

Nabila Al-MAcki (Oman)

I have known Mr. Nadeem Yousaf for two years in my capacity as both a colleague and a line manager in the Business and Accounting Faculty, Majan (University) College.

Mr. Yousaf is a qualified academic with extensive knowledge in the areas of Business management. During his period in the Majan College, he was involved in teaching, coordinating , writing assessment for the Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Organizational Behaviour and Work Psychology. He supervised MBA projects. Mr. Yousaf has contributed in the planning and updating the modules on the Business programs.

He has maintained a professional relationship with colleagues and senior management. He is hard working and enthusiastic lecturer. Mr. Yousaf is a dynamic, punctual, trustworthy person who meets the deadlines.

Dr. R.K. Penney (Australia)

Mr. Nadeem Yousaf has employed as a tutor in Psychology and I have found him to be a very reliable and responsible tutor. Mr. Yousaf works well with students and requires students to perform to their maximum ability.

Tariq Ali Nawaz (Pakistan)

This is to certify that Mr. Nadeem Yousaf S/o Muhammad Yousaf Khan, joined us on 1st August, 2001 and worked till 5th August 2004 as Human Resource Manager

Mr. Yousaf has efficiently and effectively worked to achieve the targets of the position. He actively worked on developing on developing the firm’s HR manual and non-tolerant policy on harassment.

During his tenure of employment, Mr. Yousaf established himself a hard working employee with an ability to work with time management skills. He has always shown keen interest in the opportunities that provide him with new learning and knowledge. He is a smart and motivated person with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He is a good team player and also enjoys working independently.

Overall Mr. Yousaf is a diligent employee who has what it takes to succeed in whatever endeavor he chooses in the future.

Sayed Alysan (Iran)

Mr. Yousaf presence in the reorganization of the Foreign Students Union was appreciable because he was one of the people who put lots of effort to give recognition to the Foreign Students Union. In fact, his leadership has been given motivation and commitment to the other members. I as a colleague rate him as an orderly and friendly person and I mean that his performance has been quite satisfactory.

Dr. Jan O. Jocobsen (Norway)

My main association with Muhammad Nadeem Yousaf has been to act as tutor on an essay he wrote as an undergraduate student. His essay was a theoretical discussion about psychological stress in bureaucratic organizations. In the discussion, he used a combination of social psychology and organizational theories.

His essay showed him as an excellent student. The essay was among the very best written by undergraduate students in our department.

Yousaf is an ambitious person with high theoretical  originality.

Bushra Imran (Pakistan)

This to certify that Mr. Nadeem Yousaf has been working with us as a member of Business Faculty.

He worked her as an Assistant Professor and taught in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management, Business Communication and Psychology to the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

During his stay with us, we found him very regular, punctual and devoted teacher. We wish him every success in his future endeavors.

Xiaoxi Du (Master Student from China)

Nadeem Yousaf acted as my supervisor while writing my dissertation which was the requirement to complete my Master degree. I am very grateful to him because without his valuable and useful advice, I could be able to get distinction on my dissertation. Nadeem supported me throughout during my researching and writing dissertation.

At the beginning, I was undecided about topic, which made me a little frustrated and disappointed but he provided me professional and moral support. He suggested me to read articles and books and took the phase as an opportunity to improve knowledge. He also helped me by sending articles and indicating some of the relevant theories to my topic. He read my work carefully and thoroughly and provided detailed comments to improve my work.

At all stages of research, he helped me to refine my research by critically evaluating my literature review, questionnaire and analysis. Nadeem also patiently discussed with me to resolve complex research issues, which encouraged me to put more efforts in my work. I feel lucky that I had chosen Nadeem as my supervisor because he is very professional and expert of HRM. He is responsible and always replied my email queries timely.  He is a very nice person and I highly appreciate his support.