Muhammad Ali Jinnah in one of speeches boasted of that 99% of Muslim Population in India supported him those who did not were lunatic. He said as followed:

I say to the Musalmans (Muslims), 100 million Musalmans are with us. When I say 100 million Musalmans, I mean that 99 per cent of them are with us, leaving aside some who are traitors, cranks, supermen, or lunatics-an evil from which no society or nation is free (Wolpert 1984).

jinnah and lunatic MuslimsFirstly, the claim was completely unrealistic. There was a large majority of Muslims who were not in favor of division of India.  Moreover, all the history books show that he and the Muslim League miserably failed in 1937 elections. If he was able to maintained Muslim League government in Punjab, Bengal and Sind, it was due to floor-crossing and back-end deals with members who were not primarily elected on Muslim League ticket. It is completely derogatory to call Muslims traitors or lunatics  or cranks who opposed his views.  Secondly, Jinnah should have been asked why he accepted such a weird division that left behind approximately half of the Muslim population in India who supported him during the campaign of Pakistan.

By rejecting Muslims’ opposition in so harsh words, he paved the path for undemocratic Pakistan and intolerance for opposing views – not only political as well as religious.  Since he died, everyone has been trying to be Jinnah and wish to acquire undisputed and unchallenged power in Pakistan, which has weakened the norms of democracy. It has become a norm in Pakistan to call in question loyalty of a person whosoever disagrees. This trend has turned the country into security state than a welfare state.

 Nadeem Yousaf



Wolpert, S 1984: Jinnah of Pakistan; Oxfort University Press, New York

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