NadTalk on Leadership

Leadership and communication have been in the interest of academics and professionals for decades. Classical and contemporary research from different fields of psychology, sociology and management studies accepts that communication and leadership are spinal cord for developing relationships.

Leaders are not born, but trained. It is not a disposition or trait, but a skill. There are ample examples of the leaders that reveal that developing a mission and vision turned ordinary people into a great leader.  World renowned leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi or Churchill or Jinnah were not leaders by birth. Rather, they learned over the period of time how to be a leader. They developed a skill to communicate to the people in a right way at the right time.

The difference between failed, mediocre and great leaders is that they understand the three following components of leadership and they utilize them when they are leading.

Effective leaders understand the three components of leadership: 1) they understand the meaning of transformational authentic leadership; 2) they comprehend the construct of Gestalt Communication and 3) they know the role of emotional intelligence.

To understand effective leadership,  you can book a NadTalk in two forms:

  1. A lecture: 3 Hours lecture, including Q&A
  2. Coaching session. It will be one-to-one basis. Each session Duration: 60 minutes

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About Nadeem Yousaf

Mr. Yousaf has more than 20 years of experience. He has worked in different countries and gained experience from business organizations and academic institutions. Mr. Yousaf published his research in peer-reviewed academic journals. His mission is to improve relationships between superiors and subordinates that is not only good for organizational growth, but also beneficial for a society.