Most of Pakistanis are readily ready to lick the dirty boots of those who kick them irrespective of their level of education. They feel proud to be associated with kicking boots instead of depising them. Look at the number of followers and friends of the most corrupt people on online social media: those who are following them are certainly educated people otherwise they won’t be using social media sites. They do not get direct benefits from them but still it might be a kind of  source of psychological pride and satisfaction.  Likewise, Look at the body of a educated person while talking to a White person and talking to country fellow: body language is more submissive in the former case. The body language does not change of common person but of many persons of high positions like General (Retired) Musharraf, President Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and so on.

Similarly, observe body and verbal language of the house-maids working as cleaner in houses: when they work in 5 Marla small houses their body language and tone are comparatively more aggressive than working in the 20 Marla house though they are charging proportionally the same amount. The fact is that they receive much better treatment in 5 Marla house than 20 Marla, but they are unable to appreciate the better treatment.

The main message of the article, especially for poor, stop licking the dirty boots of those who are of no use to you. If a person cannot do anything for you or does not treat you as a human being then why you should bother to be licking their dirty boots.

Nadeem Yousaf

18 August 2011