Amir Liaquat, host and anchor of Islamic programs on a private TV channel, misrepresents Islam and portrays Islam as a religion of violence and aggression. In participating, one of the discussion shows on television, he presented the Prophet Muhammad as a person of dual personality by referring to ‘Madni and Mecci’ life of the Prophet. His point of view leads us to believe that Muhammad was soft, polite and gracious in the city of Madina during the initial period of spreading Islam, but got aggressive towards blasphemers after succeeding in his mission. What he, in fact, argues that the Prophet pre-success behavior was hypocritical and fake!

This fake mullah quoted a few of Hadeith in which Muhammad ordered to kill people whosoever tried to disgrace him, verbally. When the fellow guest tried to draw his attention to other famous Hadeith, he ignored the point by asserting that people always find Hadeith that serve their purpose – Amir, have you not done the same by finding the material from Islamic history that suited to your point of view. Instead of arguing and satisfying, he got emotional and aggressive during the program. In reply to the Hadeith which were highlighted by the other female guest, he said that Muhammad was a prophet so it was his right whether punish or forgive but his followers should punish the blasphemer. He tried to exploit Muslims emotionally by raising a question, would sons and daughters not punish the person if their mother was insulted? The metaphor that he used to excite people is unacceptable for various reasons. First, Muhammad is no more alive so we cannot seek his advice anymore; second, if we agree that Muhammad has shown two different behaviors at two different periods (before and after success), now it is up to us to consider which of the behavior is more rational and appropriate to follow under the current circumstances. Check out the video

Amir Liaquat speaks about Islam and Islamic values but interestingly does not apply it on his own life; undoubtedly, this is a sign of a fake mullah. Islamic teachings are not meant only to give sermons or to apply while acting on TV but one should internalize the values and teaching and apply them in daily life. Recently, a video released on the ‘YouTube’ in which he was swearing and using filthy language before recording the show. Viewing off the record video on ‘YouTube’ showed that he used filthy language and spoke arrogantly and derogatorily to his guests. Amir behavior shows, it is so easy to preach and deliver lectures on Islam and Islamic values but so hard to apply them. Instead of apologizing and revisiting his own personal behaviour, he is busy with claiming that the video is fake. ( Link to video is disappearing from the Youtube so there is no guarantee that viewers would be able to watch it.)

Does Islam allow you (Amir) to make a lie and claim education that is not acquired through fair means? Interestingly, his all degrees are somewhat from ghost educational institutions. A TV program showed copies of his degrees from Bachelor to PhD which revealed that he acquired online degrees from the Trinity College whose physical existence in Spain is in a question. Another more interesting fact is that it took him 7 years to complete Master after taking the degree of Bachelor but he got a PhD in 20 days. May be Mr. Liaquat forgets in his case that Islam discourages explicit or implicit lying behavior or using unfair means. He might argue that he has paid for the degrees and since titles of degrees are mentioned in the piece of papers thus he is out of the orbit of lying. This argument is not acceptable because earning something through unfair means is prohibited in Islam. Check out Fake Degrees.

Ironically, instead of despising his unethical and deceitful behavior, Mullahs and like minded people are supporting him without even thinking that his behavior brought disgrace to Islam.

Nadeem Yousaf

6 June 2011


Educated but Fake Mullah: Amir Liaquat