Allama Mashriqi on Mullahs

allama mashriqi on mullahsMullahs declared Allama Mashriqi ‘Kafir’ because he publicly accused them for illustrating a distorted picture of Islam. He called them as a nuisance (Mashriqi 1936c 46) for Islam and society. According to Allama Mashriqi, they misinterpret Islam to promote their own hidden agenda and vested interests (Mashriqi 1936a 25). Not only, these Mullahs have made Islam  from rational to irrational but also turned Muslims from active to ineffective and useless creature.

Allama Mashriqi charges Mullahs that they do not want that common Muslims develop real understanding about Islam; they wish to keep them ignorant so they could manipulate them in the name of Islam and pass superfluous ‘fatwas’. Mullahs want to keep their hegemony on Muslims and never object when they touch Mullahs’ feet and bow heads in front of them – a shirk that is forbidden in Islam (Mashriqi 1936a 25).  Allama Mashriqi , sarcastically, highlights that Mullahs interpretation of shirk is that that Muslims must not bow their heads to Hindus but does not matter if such a gesture is shown to them.

Allama Mashriqi despises Mullahs for creating different sects on trivial differences such as how many ‘nawafil or sunna’ a Muslim must offer during prayer; should knees be touched the ground first or palms; should one raise the index finger or not; should ‘Ameen’ be recited loudly or silently; should a male has mustaches and beard and issues similar to them (Mashriqi 1936c 46). He questions to Mullahs, are they really differences upon which they have ruined and divided Muslims unity into sects? He is critical that Mullahs upon these petty differences have built their own separate mosques (Mashriqi 1936c 62) and divided the nation. Mullahs are glad to hold a number of Jumas (Friday Prayers) within a street and ignoring the Islamic message of unity. He quotes that Prophet Muhammad had advised Muslims to burn the mosque, which was a source of dividing the Muslims into different sects (Mashriqi 1936b 40).

Allama Mashriqi was very critical to the lack of analytic abilities of Mullahs and Pirs and argued that they did not understand the essence of Islamic teaching. Mullahs are naïve in appreciating the reasons as to why non-Muslims are leading a luxurious life and enjoying power but Muslims are dishonored around the world. It is the fallacy of Mullahs and Muslims that their power has declined in international affairs because they do not offer prayers and they would regain power if Muslims start offering prayers and grow beards.

He contends that Muslims will not regain power by offering prayers, fasting and following the basics of Islam as rituals unless they put physical and mental efforts (Mashriqi 1936b 65). Allah does not reward nations for performing rituals. If rituals would be the reason for rewarding nations and attracting Allah’s blessings, he hajjargues, the mullahs would be ruling the world (Mashriqi 1936b 65). Allama Mashriqi reminds Muslims that Allah bestows His mercy and benevolence to those who put physical and mental efforts to develop themselves (Mashriqi 1936c 51). Allama Mashriqi warns Muslims that they should not be impressed by Mullahs’ notion and imagination that Muslims are not controlling the world because they will be blessed on the doomsday and non-Muslims will be deprived of paradise.

Today’s Mullahs are mean and egocentric and deceive Allah and Prophet (Mashriqi 1936c 48). In order to increase charity for themselves, they give limited and personal version of Islam; they consider other Muslims as “kafirs” who do not offer prayer behind them (Mashriqi 1936c 39). Because they are mean and selfish, they do not shunt out those Muslims from mosques who are liars, dishonest, or found guilty of adultery or rape (Mashriqi 1936c 49). Instead of condemning sins, Mullahs support treachery by misrepresenting Islam. They misrepresent Islam by saying that all sins would be washed after performing hajj (once in life time) (Mashriqi 1936b 65) and believing that Muslims would be ultimately forgiven and go in heaven on the doomsday. They invent rituals to impress others such as rolling Tasbih though Prophet Muhammad never rolled Tasbih (Mashriqi 1936c 40).

Allama Mashriqi message, in short, is very clear that Muslims have lost power, authority and sovereignty due to disunity (Mashriqi 1936c 47) and lack of interest in acquiring new learning and knowledge (Mashriqi 1936b 63). In his opinion, Muslims are skeptical about religion because they are not following the real commandments of Islam. And Mullahs’ shallow interpretation of the religion is leading them nowhere (Mashriqi 1936b 64).

Allama Mashiriqi has highlighted evils of the society long ago but it is shame that Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular have not learnt anything even their situation has been deteriorating. Muslims, especially Pakistanis, must by now appreciate that no Messiah will come until they decide to improve their own social ethics. It is a time for Pakistani Muslims to decide that they will do not involve in corruption and do not let others whether it is Balwal Zardari, Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharief, Imran Khan, General Prvaiz Mussharaf, General Kayani, General Hameed Gul or anyone else. This is a time to take a national pledge.

Nadeem Yousaf

11 June 2012


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Nadeem Yousaf

11 June 2012

Note: Write is a grandson of Allama Mashriqi

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