mullahs and democracyMullahs politics is analogous to Nationalist political parties (or better called Racist parties) of Europe, Australia and North America which use immigrants as scapegoats to promote their own vested political interests and spread hatred and confusion in the society. Mullahs’ concept of Islam not only is a misery for today’s Muslims but it has also escalated misunderstandings between the Muslim world and the rest of the world. Due to Mullahs politics, Muslims are considered irrational, emotional and brutal by the West. Blame goes to so-called religious leaders, scholars and Mullahs who portrait Islam as an outdated and archaic religion. They use Western countries as a scapegoat to hide their own follies. Ironically, when they put the blame on the West, they forget about what is happening in Muslim countries.

Bawany (1982) strongly criticizes the Western countries where nobody now cares who believes in what. He argues that the West professes to believe in God but does not actually believe nor follows any of His Fundamental commandments. In relation to communism, he asserts that it tried to create a so-called paradise for the working class, but they shot anyone who tried to escape from the communist ideology. Surprisingly, he points out so easily negative aspects of other societies and systems but ignores practices of Muslim countries. It shows his narrow mindedness that cannot see even the good points of the western countries.

Mullahs like Bawany fail to appreciate if the West does not care about ‘which religion one follows’ is positive because none of the religion gives authority to the state to interfere in people’s beliefs. The West does not believe in using a state authority in converting people as it happened in Afghanistan during the rule of the Taliban. The Taliban had no authority by Islamic doctrines to hang people who converted to another religion from Islam. The mullahs will, of course, cry for Jihad if the Western countries follow footsteps of the Taliban. How could they criticize the communist ideology when in practice they follow it by demanding capital punishment for the Muslim who changes his/her religion? They freely preach Islamic values in the West but demands prohibiting preaching of other religions in Muslim countries as happened in Afghanistan.

The Muslim Mullahs negate teaching of Islam themselves as it is clearly mentioned in the Quran whosoever kills a person, it is as though he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it is as if he had saved the life of all mankind (Quran 5:32). It is clearly said in the holy Quran , “let there be no compulsion in religion….(2:256). Unfortunately, Mullahs ignore such verses to enhance and maintain their political and social power.

Bawany (1982) implicitly attributes to lawlessness, murders, arson, rapes and hijacking to non-Muslim countries. The question is, do we not find all these crimes in the so-called Muslim states? He gives number of examples where non-Muslims killed innocent civilians during war or in turbulent period, for example, Hindus killed large number of Muslims in 1947. However, he does not think that Muslims killed Hindus as well. Similarly, he could not recall when Muslim army of West Pakistan killed thousands East Pakistanis (now Bangladesh) during 1971! Ignoring historical facts show narrow mindedness of Mullahs. Bawany (1982) opinion is bias and prejudice towards western countries. Islam does not train its followers for biased and prejudice views rather it emphasizes to speak the truth under all circumstances. Prejudice views create confusion in the system. Bawany (1982) himself writes that God is not the Author of confusion or hypocrisy; it is man who is hypocrite and moves by his ulterior motives. God despises hypocrites more than pagans and idol worshippers. He further mentions that nations or individuals who are hypocrites sooner or later pay for their misdeeds in this world and the next after death.

Agreeing with his hypothesis means, most of Muslim countries like Pakistan are paying price of their hypocrisy. Unfortunately, Muslims World and Mullahs hide their own hypocrisy by simply criticizing non-Muslim or Western countries. It is hypocrisy of Muslim World, on the one hand, they assert that all Muslims are brothers; on the other hand, these Muslim brothers are discriminated in many Muslim countries, for example, non-Arabic Muslims are not allowed to wear ‘Arabic Dress’ in the countries like United Arab Emirates? Is it not hypocrisy that rich Arabian countries do not allow their citizens, especially females, to marry with non-Arab Muslims? Is it not hypocrisy of Muslim World that salaries are settled according to color of skin in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other rich Gulf countries? Why do Mullahs do not criticize, hypocrisy and racism of such Muslim countries. Should we not consider it curse by God that Muslims, whether or not living in rich states, are being ruled by non-Muslim nations because of hypocrisy and inferior social ethics? Mullahs must answer to these questions before criticizing other nations.

Nadeem Yousaf

24 June 2011


Bawany, E.A. 1982: Isalm the religion of all prophets; Begum Aisha awany Waqf, Karachi, Pakistan.


Mullahs and West