Nawaz Sharif's Government Blocked the RoadsNawaz Sharief’s Government Blocked the Roads to stop the Imran’s protest. Is there any difference if the government or Imran’s protest close down the city? Although I am not a staunch supporter of Imran and disagree with his party politics, his stand is correct. I could not understand what exactly those people want who criticize Imran Khan for taking a right stand. The same people shed crocodile tears on corruption and poverty to appear as intellectuals, but start criticizing when someone takes a right stand. Democracy does not solve problems of corruption and poverty, automatically, unless there is a will and India is one the best examples.

To those who think that Imran has lost the game they are completely wrong. Imran has already won the game when the Nawaz’ government locked down the cities. If Nawaz really believes that Imran cannot get the required support, why are they blocking the roads? As a matter of fact, Nawaz has recently tried in Lahore and saw the results, which scared him.

The king of dirty politics (Nawaz Sharif) introduced tanks and de-linking the whole province from the rest of the country. Such actions will pave the way for the disintegration of Pakistan in the future. There is no mission and vision of political and bureaucratic leadership which I argued in my published research ‘Mission and vision in the state development: A case of Pakistan’.

The fact is that Nawaz and other institutions, especially the army and the judiciary, who are beneficiary of the corrupt system, are scared of Imran that he might break the status quo system. Although, I suspect that he would achieve the said goal because he has not brought the required cognitive change in his followers. Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying him as a new chance – at least, he is a new face. The nation has already tried the army, PMLN, PPP, so why not another test! At least, he is a lesser evil among the evils.

Nadeem Yousaf

30 October 2016

Nawaz Sharif’s Government Blocked the Roads