Supreme court chief justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali: Nonesense decisionIt is completely nonsense decision to abolish the bench after hearing the Panama leaks and money laundry case for so many weeks. The Supreme court’s Chief Justice, Anwar Zaheer Jamali, and the larger bench of the Court have completely disappointed the nation with their ridiculous decision and the statements. Was it not in the knowledge of Chief Justice that he would retire in December, 2016? So, why did he sit on the larger bench of the court? Were the bench was not aware about their yearly winter holidays? It is out of comprehension, why should the new Supreme court bench hear the case from the scratch? It is all nonsense what the bench and Chief Justice stated. Jamali and other judges renewed the memories of Justice Munir. They acted like judicial actors following Munir’s doctrine of necessity.

 By forming a new larger bench and following the doctrine of necessity, it appears they wanted to facilitate  Nawaz and family.  It looks like as the judiciary is waiting for the time when people start using abusive words publicly. They gave time to Nawaz to prepare more fabricated documents to complicate the case, further.  Evidences of the case are clear, but the judiciary is playing with the them in the name of justice.

The letter from the Qatar prince is meaningless unless it is documented by Nawaz’ family how the money was transferred, and under what terms and conditions – yes, knowing the terms and conditions are important. Nobody gives gifts of millions of dollars without any reason.

Nadeem Yousaf

10 December, 2016

Another Nonsense Decision of Supreme Court