Educationists and researcher from the universities always strive to publish quality and original in specialized referee journals. These journals neither pay to researchers nor charge any money from them.   The purpose of publishing is to share knowledge, which in return enhances educationists’ stature in their respective fields. Once a research is published, it cannot be published in any other journals. Plagiarism and publishing others’ research work is considered a crime and if someone is guilty of such a crime his/her degrees can be conceled. Unfortunately, corruption in Pakistan is everywhere and education is no exception to it. Recently, this author found that 8 of Pakistani Pseudo Educationists have committed this crime and published the same article from their own names in two different journals, which are not high quality journals, indeed.

The first lot of Pseudo educationists and researchers includes Syed Abir Hassan Naqvi, Dr.Muhammad Aamir Hashmi Assistant Professor, Dr.Shaoukat Ali Raza , Dr. Ashi Zeeshan, who are working at IER, University of the Punjab-Lahore, Pakistan, and  Faiz.M.Shaikh who is Assistant Professor at  SZABAC-Dokri Larkana, Sindh,Pakistan. They have published the article under the title, “Impact of supportive leadership and organizational learning culture as a moderator on the relationship of psychological empowerment and organizational commitment” in the Australian Journal of Business and Management Research Vol.1 No.8 [65-71] in November 2011. Interestingly, this journal charges money from the author(s) which is quite unusual for any decent journal. It is stated on their website that the authors must pay 150 USD (Excluding all financial intermediary charges). They have not given any physical address to confirm whether they are operating from Australia or any other country. Most of the editorial board members are from developing countries, which are Fiji, Malaysia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, India, Serbia, Mexico, Turkey and Pakistan. Two other members are from Canada and Spain. This author tried to find some of the members from the mentioned universities but could not. An email was sent to the journal to collect further information but no response was received.

The other two authors Muhammad Akram Chaudhry, Student of MS, Iqra University, Islamabad and Dr. Naimatullah Shah, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Sind, Jamshoro published the same article in the journal of Business Strategies, 5(1) in 2011. Greenwich University, Karachi is behind this publication. The standard of the journal can be assessed by a simple fact that it did not bother even to check the poor language of the article.

Unfortunately, both generals are currently accessible from the popular databases. While searching I got the following information from the Ebsco database:

1)      Impact of supportive leadership and organizational learning cultures as a moderator of the relationship of psychological empowerment and organizational commitment. Detail Only Available By: Naqvi, Syed Abir Hassan; Hashmi, Muhammad Aamir; Raza, Shaoukat Ali; Zeeshan, Ashi; Shaikh, Faiz.M. Australian Journal of Business & Management Research. Nov2011, Vol. 1 Issue 8, p65-71. 7p. Subjects: LEADERSHIP; ORGANIZATIONAL learning; EMPLOYEE empowerment; ORGANIZATIONAL commitment; EMPLOYEE loyaltyDatabase: Business Source Elite Add to folder ..

2)      Impact of Supportive Leadership and Organizational Learning Culture as A Moderator on The Relationship of Psychological Empowerment and Organizational Commitment. Detail Only Available By: Chaudhry, Muhammad Akram; Shah, Naimatullah. Journal of Business Strategies (1993-5765). Jun2011, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p39-50. 12p. Subjects: LEADERSHIP; ORGANIZATIONAL learning; CORPORATE culture; ORGANIZATIONAL commitment; EMPLOYEE motivation; GLOBALIZATION Database: Business Source Elite

Both the journals have been reported to the databases and hopefully they will not be accessible in the future.  The matter was also reported to the Punjab University Vice Chancellor Dr. Mujahid Kamran through email and no comments were received from his office either. The authors of the article were contacted through email, which were mentioned on the official websites of the universities or on the article, for their comments but no one responded so far. However, revisiting the Punjab University shows that 3 of the faculty members removed their photographs from the University’s website.

It is not clear that who copied who but still none of them is innocent due to the following reasons:

1)      Syed Abir Hassan Naqvi, Dr.Muhammad Aamir Hashmi Assistant Professor, Dr.Shaoukat Ali Raza published article in the paid journal, which is by no means acceptable for those who have completed Master and PhDs from the recognized universities. The other group was well aware of the standard of the journal but still they chose the journal. Of course they knew that this poor research will not be accepted in any decent journal.

2)      The contents and language of the article are poor. The quality of the article is equivalent to a Bachelor level essay.  Ironically, eight people claim they worked in two different groups to produce the poor academic work.

3)      The situation is so poor that they could easily be charged for plagiarism.

These pseudo educationists and researchers have not served the interests of the academia and institutions rather they become a source of embarrassment for their respective institutions and Pakistan.

Nadeem Yousaf

4 April 2013

Pseudo Educationists and Researchers