corporate foxesThis is an interesting question, who are corporate foxes and how can they be recognized? Corporate foxes are those employees who demonstrate cunning and shrewd behavior. They make lies with ease and term them as a communication or negotiation skills. Consequently, they rise on the ladder of hierarchy faster. Foxes do not do much from the start till the end of the day except showing their negotiation and socialization skills. However, they have high expectations of high monetary reward without being productive. They do not mind to go an extra mile to make happy their bosses and influential people. Foxy behavior is in fact analogous to treacherous behavior. Here is a test to check it out whether or not you fall in the category of corporate foxes.

Self-Diagnose of Fox Behavior (SDFB)

  1. You remain busy in thinking about the demands of your wife and children even after coming into the office. YES/NO
  2. You have superseded your seniors and received an unexpected promotion and privileges without being productive. YES/NO
  3. You always try to design official tours in such a way that give you extra vacations. YES/NO
  4. You spend most of the time in reading newspapers, making social calls and completing home-tasks in the office. YES/NO
  5. You are a low work carrier in the office. YES/NO
  6. You give hypocrite smiles to everyone. YES/NO
  7. You don’t let any opportunity to flatter your superiors or influential people. YES/NO
  8. You have mediocre knowledge but you are good at rehashing basic terminologies of the subject to impress people. YES/NO
  9. You don’t let any opportunity to boost off your insignificant achievements. YES/NO
  10. You always pretend that you are Master of all though you are not even a jack. YES/NO
  11. You are scared of qualified people and always look for opportunities to pull their legs. YES/NO
  12. Monetary benefits are the only stimuli for you and you are ready to do anything to get them. YES/NO
    You are claver in making back door deals. YES/NO
  13. You don’t mind to be a sycophant even of your enemy if you know that you could get benefits out of him. YES/NO
  14. In your opinion, getting undue favor(s) is the result of your progressive attitude. YES/NO
    You attribute manipulation of rules as your cleverness. YES/NO

If your answer is YES to 5 of the above points, you are a FOX. Higher the marks you obtain, the bigger FOX you are. If you are a fox, you are neither sincere to your organization nor to this nation. You should reconsider your attitude and actions to be a productive team player and a member of this state. The best suggestion for you is to focus on your work instead of busy in negative activities as indicated above.

What Donkeys should do?

The donkeys are those people who work very hard but still remain in the back seat without being recognized. The donkeys should redefine their roles without following the footsteps of foxes, if they are desirous of seeing themselves progessing they must follow the tips given below: .

  1. Corporate Donkeys should reveal and discuss the behavior of foxes publicly.
  2. Refuse to share the Corporate Foxes load of work.
  3. The Donkey Peer must report actions of corporate Foxes to the superiors informally or formally.
  4. Donkeys should learn to stand for their rights without adopting foxes’ behavior.
  5. If you are Corporate Donkey and heading the organization/department you should discourage Corporate Foxes.

Organizations and institutions can correct corporate foxes by discouraging cunning attitude. They can employ various means such as an even distribution of workload among employees, and discouraging unnecessary socialization and networking to correct the behavior of corporate foxes.

Published in the Times of Oman, Oman  Corporate Foxes

Nadeem Yousaf


Corporate Foxes