1. Drinking alcohol is a sin but sucking blood of poor is not.
  2. Raping a child and a girl is acceptable but sleeping out of wedlock (with consent) is not.
  3. It is great social work to criticize others but should not point finger to your own self, your parents, your siblings, your relatives and your friends.
  4. You are a noble person if you are offering prayer irrespective of indulging in corrupt activities that increase your wealth.
  5. Yearly, Haj is important even your neighbor is hungry
  6. Going to Mecca is more important than paying Zakat
  7. Throwing acid on the face of woman is fine but she should not marry of her choice.
  8. Take pride to having relationship with others’ daughters and sisters but kill your sister and daughter in the name of family honour if they fall in love with someone.
  9. Preach about advantages of speaking truth but never tell the truth.
  10. Swear about Europe and America till the time you get visa.


Is it not time to wake up

Nadeem Yousaf


07 July 2012