When American and British parliamentarian stated that Pakistanis can sell their mother for money, it was not incorrect. Our ethical level is drained so much that we can do anything for money; however, we are not ready to accept the truth.

If our values have not been drained Zardari type people would not be holding top political positions in Pakistan. Incompetent people like Gen. Musharraf would have not led Pakistan army. People like Nawaz Sharif would not be seen in public meetings. Zia-Ul-Haq, Ayub Khan and Yahya Khan should have been hanged for using guns to be in power.  

We accept leaders who have money without paying attention how they have earned it.  We consider Benazir as a versatile leader without even thinking what she had given to Pakistan. Was she really played role a leader? Was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto leader? No, they were not. They only knwe the art of holding public meetings.

What is happening to Pakistan, you, Pakistanis, are to blame and this last sentence will be irritating to most of you. But this is, unfortunately,  true. Instead of chanting ‘down with America or Europe’, it is much better stand against corruptions, if you wish to gain self-respect.


Nadeem Yousaf

15 August 2011