Pakistani political jokers

Some of the Pakistani Political Jokers

On the call of Canadian Clown Mullah Tahir-ul-Qadri to hold a long march and sit-in in Islamabad, political jokers are discussing joining together and display a show on the behest of ghostly hands. The real character and intentions of Chief Clown Tahir-ul-Qadir has been exposed when he invited all other corrupt political jokers to join him in his so-called protest against corruption.

Ironically all political jokers who are invited to participate in the protest against corruption are in power. Altaf Hussain’s MQM, who officially accepted the power, is in federal and provincial government of Sindh. Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Pervaiz Ellahi’s Muslim League (Q) is a coalition partner in the Federal government. Chaudhry Shuaat announced that the party would participate in the call but later on his cousin Pervaiz Ellahi told the press that they support the protest but would not participate in it. Overall, the party stance is quite ambiguous. Nawaz Sharif and Shabhaz Sharif’s Muslim League is ruling party in Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan. So far they have rejected the invitation. It is expected many corrupt small fish like Sheikh Rasheed will see it as an opportunity and might join at the later stage – depends upon the bait they will be offered. If most of the the corrupt jokers are supporting or participating in the stage show then the question is that this call is made against whom? Is it only against Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples Party? Are Pakistan Peoples Party and Zardari the only two who are corrupt in Pakistan? Are they the only one who have looted and are looting country’s wealth? Of course, not. Some of the journalists of tabloid media like the daily Jung tried to pose as it was Zardari who encouraged the Chief Clown Tahir ul Qadri to run the rally against him, which they could not substantiate. Zardari is not so stupid that he would ask for a protest against his own government which will not benefit him in any way.

pakistan army hidden hands in Pakistan PoliticsThe hidden hands are trying to gather all stooges and political jokers so that the process of democracy can be derailed. Zardari is not so strong that he cannot be thrown out of the power but the major apprehension in the quarters of hidden hand is that if couples of elections are held in Pakistan, the plant of democracy will grow and they will have little role in politics, which is not acceptable to them. Institutions like Pakistan’s army, Intelligence services and others are among the hidden hands who wish to disrupt the process of democracy. Those who assert that democracy is not suitable for Pakistan, can they tell how much property Pakistan gained under military rule?

Pakistan poor massesIt is a completely nasty and nude power game: Political jokers and stooges are joining the hidden hands because their political survival depends upon those hands. The reality is that the fate of the poor will not change even if the political jokers successfully hold the procession in Islamabad on 14 January. No worries; these poor should die in poverty because they senselessly support jokers as they are their messiahs. They respect the wealth without demanding a legitimate share in the wealth. These poor as well as educated dumbs joined the protest rallies in 1968 for a feudal lord Zulfiqar Ali Buhtoo, in 1977 for the mullahs, in 1980s for Benazir and in 2006 for the Judicial Lord Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry but nothing changed in their favor. It is very likely that the poor and educated dumbs will enthusiastically join the stage show of political jokers but once the goals will be achieved by the real stakeholders, they will again be thrown in the garbage bin as rotten fruits and vegetables – where they belong to. The best advice to the masses could be if they choose to go: go to this long march and sit-in but once you gathered kick them all those who are sitting on the stage ready to deliver a useless speech.

Nadeem Yousaf


Revised on 03.01.2013


Stage Show of Pakistani Political Jokers