Shabaz Sharif portrays himself as ‘servant of people’ but realty is thatt his brother, Nawaz Sharif and he travel to UK even if they sneeze. Mr. Servants (Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif) of People, would you like to tell the nation, is Pakistani medical treatment so bad that you cannot be treated in Pakistan? Sharif brothers’ must understand that it is not sufficient to criticize Zardari for corruption, would you mind tell about your wealth? Can you provide a list of businesses that you and your family operating overseas? How much tax do you pay in Europe and Pakistan? Why did you prefer to hire Indians and not Pakistani in your steel mill business in Saudi Arab? Beware of such ‘Servants’ who use public money to advertise their own political interests.

Shabaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif have been acting as they are not in power, which is completely wrong; they are holding power of the most largest and powerful province, Punjab. They are accountable to tell what they have done so far in Punjab for the last 4 years. Shabaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif are just shedding crocodile tears. Distributing laptops on national exchequer is a gimmick to gain popularity and waste of public resources. It would be much better if they have upon internet libraries for residents of Punjab, which might have created a few jobs, as well. While distributing free laptops to students, the servents gave big advertisements in national newspapers, which must have costed a fortune to the public funds. They are such servants who can do anything on public money to improve their popularity.

14 August 2011


imran-khan-press nyousaf.comImran Khan, Chairman Teherik-e-Insaf, charged Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif for corruption in his press conference and demanded from them to answer a few  of questions related to their wealth.  In his press conference, he revealed that Nawaz Sharif and his family have only paid meager tax while they own millions dollar worth of assets. He asked them to reveal details of overseas assets that they own. In the press conference, Imran Khan asked Nawaz Sharif from where he got Rs. six billion for buying Mayfair Apartments in England? They have paid tax only in a few thousands but set up a steel mill in Jeddah while in exile so, according to Imran Khan’s press conference.  Imran charged Nawaz Sharif family for transferring wealth overnight after nuclear tests but froze foreign currency accounts of common Pakistanis. Nawaz Sharif and family must answer whether or not they accepted kickbacks for awarding motor way project when they were in power. Similarly, they must how much was spent from national exchequer to build infrastructure for their lavish residence in Rewind.  The servants of Punjab, Nawaz and Shabaz Sharif so far have not replied back to the charges, which they must.

Updated on 07.08.2012

Nadeem Yousaf