Pakistan working womenSimple answer to the question, should or should not women be working in Pakistan, is yes; however if the question is modified, should men be preferred during the process of hiring, the answer is again yes.

Many readers will be surprised by my answer to this question but it has specific reason as to why men should be preferred in hiring process. The reason of favouring men is not that women are less intelligent or below the status of men but ecomomic and cultural.

In Pakistani culture, it is responsibility of male to feed his family and it will create depression in the family if husband or father is unemployed. Let me go the extent that it becomes a stigma for the whole family where male member is out of work, which is indeed not very pleasant situation for women. Keeping in view job market, it is very obvious that available jobs are even less than the male labour force that is available in the market.

We cannot follow the West blindly where female labour force is in demand because of small population. If the female in the West is not working, there will be great vacuum in the required labour market; hence they need female in the labour force whereas this is not the case of Pakistan. Problems should be addressed according to the specific nature of the country without following blindly the West.

Nadeem Yousaf

Poste on 17 August 2011