There are highly educated people in all fields all over Pakistan and but their education is not bringing any fruitful results for Pakistan because they are dishonest and corrupt.

Dishonest Pakistani Educated ClassAnalysis of politics of developed countries shows that only education is not sufficient to put the country on the right path.  Sincerity and honesty are the only means that lead a country to the road of success. Are Gulf countries more educated than Pakistan? It is not oil wealth but sincerity to the nation that people are better off in Gulf countries. Give the same resources as Gulf to Pakistan and you will find that common people will still be suffering. Nigeria is the best example who has oil but not the honesty.

Unfortunately, no one bothers about sincerity and honesty in Pakistan. Educated corrupts are respected even though they plunder the country. After corruption, they sit infornt of TV cameras like heros and defand thier corruption and dishonsty. Respect a person according to his/her deeds than the degree he/she is holding.

Never Respect Dishonest and Educated Person

Nadeem Yousa

Uploaded on 15 August 2011