Sadly, Pakistan as a society is morally and ethically dying. People can become overnight hero by showing abusive and indecent behavior. Nisar Hasan is one of the good examples.

Nisar Hasan is a column-writer and anchor. He criticizes Pakistani leadership and Muslims’ distorted history frequently. According to him, Pakistan is a sick nation (Sick Nation: Hasan Nisar). It is hard to disagree with his analysis but the issue is not his views but the filthy language he had used in one of the live talk-shows.

Nisar Hasan got in a rage and used abusive words when the Mushid Ullah told that he was having a farmhouse in a posh and rich area (Nisar Hasan). He didn’t let him to complete his (Mushid Ullah) sentence. If he had a fear that guest was accusing him of corruption then he could have explained his source of income as one of the other anchor person and journalist, Talat Hussain, did (see video Talat Hussain). Nisar Hasan behavior does not fall under the concept of freedom of speech, rather it is a sign of sick nation. His reaction obstructed freedom of speech as he did not let the guest complete his sentence, which could reveal a lot more than about his financial sources.

Now, the issue is as to why I stated at the beginning that Pakistani society is morally dead. Instead of despising Nisar Hasan and not inviting him in other talk-shows, he became a hero since he used filthy language. The repercussion of his loose talk is that other encouraged to follow a similar behavior in live talk-shows; for example one of the Justice (RTD) Wajihuddin Ahmed got mad on the anchor when a question was raised against Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhry (Link to Video). Pakistani nation is so morally dead that they don’t stop admiring people like Amir Liaqat, who habitual of using filthy language and carrying forged degrees. Mubasir Luqman and Mehar Bukhari planted TV show is another sign of a sick nation. Until and unless, nation improves social values and ethics, Zardari and Nawaz Sharif type corrupt leaders will keep ruling the country.

Nadeem Yousaf

25 June 2012

 Sick Nation