Pakistan HistoryThe generations who born after independence think that vested interest politics is a phenomenon of modern politics of Pakistan; regrettably, this is a completely wrong impression. This impression has been deliberately created by distorting the history. The distorted history has been serving better interests of politicians, elites and civil and military bureaucrats. The history of Pakistan has been distorted by analyzing only espoused theories of Muslim League leaders without assessing their theories-in-use.

Vested interest politics deeply rooted in Indian Muslims’ politics and Jinnah was not immune from it. In incoming scholarly written article, it will be argued that vested interest politics was part and parcel of Jinnah, as well. Suffice to say at this point, one of the pillars of Jinnah’s politics was enhancing differences between Muslims’ political factions in order to be accepted as a sole spokesman for Muslims.

The prime motive of pre and post-independence leadership was to promote their political vested interest in the name of Muslims, people and religion – and this we observe in current politics, as well. Studying history of Indo-Pakistan depicts that core issues, which could change the condition of masses, were neither addressed before partition nor after independence. The monster of ‘Hindu Dominance upon Muslims’ followed after independence; it was inculcated in Pakistanis immediately after independence that Hindus had not accepted Pakistan whole-heartedly and they could capture Pakistan. The reason of developing this fear was to turning Pakistan into Security State than Welfare state, which was more suitable to the elite class and politicians. In Security states, only poor suffer and not the rich. In security states, the governing faction only wishes to control opponents politically and not economically, therefore, the ruling faction never takes any action which affects economic interest of the opponents because the ruling faction is well aware of the fact that such actions can backfire in future.

In short, the major purpose of creation of Pakistan was to provide safeguard to the interests of elite class than common people of the region. Pakistan condition is analogous to such a film which has not changed its script but only the actors.

Nadeem Yousaf

11 July 2012