Short Videos on Management and Human Resource Development

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Emotional Intelligence | Leadership | Nadeem Yousaf|

Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool to show managerial abilities. A short refresher on emotional intelligence.

Idealized Influence | Transformational Leadership

Idealized influence of transformational leadership. This video gives you tips about how you can be an effective manager being striving for transformational leader.

Critical Evaluation of transformational leadership | Leadership Series

A hype of transformational leadership has emerged since the work of Burn in 1978. Burn has used the term transformational leadership for political leadership. Bass borrowed the term and applied it to managers of micro organizations. I debated the usefulness of the construct of transformational leadership in my published research: A case against transformational leadership. Learn more about reasons of my disagreement with this concept.


Production Oriented and Employee-Centered Managers | Leadership Series

The video explains how you can gain trust of your subordinates and improve productivity without being production oriented manager.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards in Organizations | Leadership Series

A debate on psychological and monetary rewards. It is a debate about which of the rewards are better for employees’ satisfaction and productivity of organizations. If you have any question, please feel free to ask.

Types of Communication | Leadership Series

Based upon my research, I have divided communication into three types: 1) poor communication, 2) compromising communication, and 3) integrative communication. Understanding these types helps you to improve your communication skills.

Managers and employees relationships | Leadership Series

A video explaining a difference between employees and followers. Remember that employees and followers are not interchangeable terms. This misconception must be removed from micro organizations studies.