No need to upset. Zardari as well as all other leaders follow Jinnah. Read what the United India’s Governor General wrote about Jinnah’s proposals and his intention by demanding that All India Muslim League should have been considered sole representative party of Muslims:

“Jinnah demand is contrary to all democratic canons and would, if conceded, put Jinnah more or less in the position of a ” dictator.” For Moslem League executive is, I believe, nominated by him and most of them are men with little stake in the country, coming from Provinces where Moslems are in a minority. They really represent very little. Several of the nominees from the Punjab are mere men of straw and political opponents of Sikendar. If, as seems probable, Jinnah’s real object is to secure a monopoly of power for himself and his caucus both at the Centre” National Achieve Catalogue Reference:cab/66/10/23 W.P. (40) 2 9 2 –July 30, 1940. Copy no. 8.

So if Zardari is appointing the weakest persons, like Raja Pervaiz Asharf, on high positions to  keep hold and command, he is really following the legacy of Jinnah whom the nation admires so much. In Pakistan, not only Zardari but all would like to follow Jinnah and wish to be as authoritarian as him.