Ugly and Fraud zardariMany people think as to how Zardari has been surviving since he took the power. Indeed, he is cunning but it is also important to understand his simple principle: take what you want and let me take what I want; the simple principle is suitable for everyone. He changed the old principle in which the rule of the game was that who was in power it was his/her prerogative to plunder the country’s wealth. After changing the rule of the game, he is not bothered about crruption till the time others are not bothered about his misdeeds. Good governance is an alien word to him and to those who are apparently playing the role of opposition. The apparent opposition to him is a simple tug-of-war is to mislead the nation. He believes that everyone has ‘a price’, which he is willing to pay till the time it is paid from the public money. His strategy or principle worked very well. Therefore, it is the first time in history that there is no opposition and all are in power, including Nawaz, Shabaz and company; Nawaz group is a ruler of Punjab even though it can easily be thrown out of the provincial government by Zardari Party and Muslim League (Shujaat Group).

Under the new game, army is also among the beneficiaries. The generals are well aware of the fact that the current climate is no more in their favor and if they try to go on an adventure of overthrowing Zardari, it can fire back, especially, under the circumstances when their old partner ‘judiciary’ is not in a position to support them, particularly after the lawyers’ movement, at least not until Chaudhry Iftikhar is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Moreover, this is the first time that the Civilian corrupt politicians are united on one point agenda to put up a collective fight if the ‘uniform’ tries to isolate them from the power-house.

When Zardari group and others talk about the supremacy of parliament, in reality they mean the hegemony of their interests. The recent contempt of court law, which the parliament passed, in which it was stated that Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Ministers, Governors (the top most corrupts) could not be held in contempt of court, whether or not they execute orders of the court, was indeed to protect their corrupt activities. The bill hurriedly passed from the parliament as soon as the ex-Prime Minster Galini was convicted for contempt of court for refusing to write a letter to the Swiss authorities against Zardari’s corruption, which was ordered in one of the decisions of the Supreme Court. It is good that the judiciary struck down the law.

Zardari and all other groups have lost hope in Pakistan that she can survive in the long run and they are working to spread anarchy in the system. Therefore, they are letting the situation in the direction where laws and judicial courts become meaningless. In this connection, the role assigned to the Attorney General of Pakistan, Irfan Qadir, is to defame the judiciary and its judges. Not only, had he accused judges for bias and prejudice attitude towards the government in the recent case against the passed bill of contempt of court but also in other cases. Whosoever in the Supreme Court’s bench, he demands either to change them or requests for a full court bench. He remains dissatisfied even if the larger bench is formed and the decision comes against his and his master wishes.

In short, Zardari has taken up the role of leadership – leadership of corrupts – he is heading the group of corrupts (not only PPP, but also PML, MQM, ANP and others) about whom it can be said that they could sell their mothers for vested interests – earlier they were not united but now they are.

imran khan on https://nyousaf.comPakistan is on the verge of disintegration and if it happens, Zardari should not be blamed alone but all the members of the corrupt groups – and the members of groups in the past. Surprisingly Pakistan has been surviving even though wolves have been eating its flesh since 1947? Even though, the country is on death-bed, it is important that the democratic process should not be derailed because this is the only medicine, which can save the patient. This is the blessing of democracy that the people of the country are first time coming to know in history ‘who owns how much wealth’ and ‘ whether or not they have earned it by fair means’ (see for example Imran Khan press conference on 03.08.2012). Such information will be helpful for people to make a right diagnosis in elections 2013. Election 2013 will be a ’make or break situation’ and it will depend upon Pakistani doctors (meaning public) what remedy they suggest.

Nadeem Yousaf

4 August 2008