Nadeem Yousaf, Human Resource and Management Development ProfessionalMr. Nadeem Yousaf is management and human resource development professional. He has gained rich experience from both the corporate and educational sectors. Mr. Yousaf has worked on middle and senior management positions for several years, which have provided him with rich experience, especially, in shaping strategic management and human resource management while promoting best fit human resource practices. He has handled complex issues innovatively at workplaces which have been appreciated, formally and informally. Being a Management Development and Human Resource professional, he employs a pragmatic approach at work in meeting the mission and values of the business and promoting and changing culture of the organization by providing sincere and honest suggestions and recommendations to senior management and ensuring implementation of strategic decisions through applying Hard and Soft remedies. Mr. Yousaf provides consultancy, conduct training programs and deliver lectures related to management and human resource development. He specializes in Conflict Management, Cross-Cultural Management and willing to offer his services to the interested organization. He is an expert in developing training programs for human resource development. He has a keen interest in analyzing jobs and developing human resource policies. Please feel free to contact him if you have any inquiry in regards to consultancy and training.

Mr. Yousaf has an extremely relevant education in his profession. He studied subjects as Administration and organization, Psychology and Work Psychology, which are quite essential to understanding the requirements of generalist position. Moreover, He has also taught various management related subjects including Operations Management  Principle of Management, Organizational Behavior,  Business Administration and  Human Resource Management, which not only has enhanced his in depth theoretical understanding of various theories, theories, constructs but also their application. Teaching experience at the graduate and post-graduate level has significantly helped him in developing and conducting corporate training and coaching programs for the corporate sector

Mr. Yousaf also writes Op-Ed articles in Urdu and English languages on various political and social issues, especially, related to his motherland, which is Pakistan. He has published a number of articles in Urdu and English language in leading Pakistani newspapers. Mr. Yousaf is also currently researching on the Pakistan-India history. The work is multi-disciplinary since he is using theories and concepts from management, psychology and politics in his research work. It is hoped that his work will challenge various myths that are socially and politically held up in Pakistan for various reasons. According to Yousaf, developing countries like Pakistan will not find the right path until there is a paradigm shift from the rotten thought process, which is a source of exploiting people in the name of religion and security of the state.

He lived in many different countries such as Australia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Oman and Pakistan. Besides living in other countries, he travelled extensively to other countries, including Austria, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Singapore and United Kingdom. He considers that living and working in a multi-cultural environment has provided him with enriched experience of viewing aspects from different angles and point of view.

Mr. Yousaf belongs to a renowned family. At the personal level, Mr, Yousaf likes to accept challenging work and meeting the deadlines. He not only enjoys working independently but also in a team. He is though not very talkative but caring. He is straight forward and speaks his mind in front of others. He strongly believes that openness leads to honest and trustworthy relationship. He enjoys frank and candid talk but does not appreciate gossip.

Browsing website of Mr. Nadeem Yousaf  can be very useful for management development practitioners, human resource management professional and political analysts and activists. While browsing, visitors will appreciate that he discusses complex micro and macro organizational issues, which provides high-quality guidance, direction, support and assistance to professionals.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Yousaf through the website contact form. Mr. Yousaf is an open Networker and you can also contact him through various social media forums such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. You are welcome to join his Linkedin groups HR & OD Professionals and Pakistan’s politics; similarly, you can view his Management and Human Resource Professional and Pakistan’s Politics pages on the Facebook.

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